The Empty Tomb

God T-R-U-M-P-S election fraud...


Yes…  The Living God did hear the cries of prayer from the bride of Christ on election eve but…  the bride of Christ in America has been lukewarm for a very long time [yes even decades] and if now that you have awakened to your real purpose…  being the salt & Light to a hurting world…  and if you slink back now into your lukewarm state of slumber…  God will just as quickly remove Donald as He gave Donald and then you will be worse off than before and removed just as the Jews were who refused to enter the Promised Land were removed in old Bible days.  No…  actions [good works] have no place in salvation but without action you cannot be the salt & Light for a hurting world…  and if you are not the salt & Light of The Living God…  then you are the darkness of the enemy.  For just as God has no good witches…  only the enemy has silent Christians.

So shall my word be!