The Empty Tomb

            ~by Cliff Newman

Stopping murderer’s the way Jesus taught.

If you are one of The Living Gods children you need to read the story elsewhere on this website entitled, “Do you understand…” because we are under attack by those who have refused Dads ways.

Now there are two thoughts on this…  the New World Order’s humans descending from monkey thinking verses The Living God’s that we are mankind thinking.

Now in thinking about this you must remember all of the churches & ministers with 501(c)(3) certificates are under the authority of the New World Order's puppets who infiltrated and took over the American government...  not under the authority of God because these religious entities signed the lawless IRS’s corporation documents…  endlessly teaching Dads children to be lukewarm and powerless which in Dads kingdom is a death sentence.

But Jesus was not sent to earth two thousand or so years ago to teach His disciples and followers to be lukewarm and powerless.

Not at all.

Jesus taught His disciples and followers to violate the laws of physics...  endlessly doing
miracles…  literally teaching us to live by our words & thoughts [not our feelings].  Words which by the way...  are [or can be] more powerful than bullets.  It is the irrelevant heathen who want you to live by human humility and feelings...  not our heavenly Father and His Firstborn Son.

Go now to the full story of what I used to successfully go to a gunfight without a gun [sometimes multiple times a night] every night for eleven thousand nights.

Dad says it’s time His children stopped being lukewarm and powerless.

Go to the page menu now!  Click on “Do you understand…” and learn to follow what Jesus taught…  not what the New World Order and their puppets wants you to know.

Until the next time I put ink on paper,